Sep 03


Sarah Palin Hot Pictures :) All is full of single hot photos of Sarah Palin, by the way, a very hot mature woman …, so it´s good to show a good compilation of Sarah Palin for you don´t move much. Enjoy this sexy girl.





Hmm, Palin was a hot young woman and she´s now a hot mature woman, no doubt.









And to conclude, a hot black…


written by Zanahorio

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16 Responses to “Compilation of Sarah Palin hot photos (include bikini pics) + 1 final surprise picture”

  1. 1. jackerbob Says:

    She is a bitch!!!

  2. 2. Ali Ashraf Says:

    Why this aglly talk on sara? isnt she ammerican women?or she came from acommunity that forbid the foto with those postures.
    Sara is ammerican and reflect all the ammerican society from the religeous one to the familly one , she is the kined of real ammerican women that have all the abilities to be the prisedent of the USA not the vice one. She had don nothing by wearing a bikkeny or dressed up to date ,she is a woned that have education ,intellegence ,familly life and relegons .
    at least she is not like the first lady of france where she sell her nudity in public.
    Say thanks to sara for her to be ammerican lady ,and what else she can be ?

  3. 3. PeiT Says:

    Good bless america!!!

  4. 4. Rocarer Says:

    Here no one is talking bad on her for photos, I think the bad things are said about her stupid and reactionary ideology and about her illiterateness. About photos I personally love them! He is a hot mature! And she has authority! That is very exciting!

  5. 5. EK Says:


  6. 6. Tolo Says:

    I put him facing to Cuenca

  7. 7. Mariana Says:

    The lust is a sin. God will punish you. You all burn in Hell.

  8. 8. O Says:

    Mariana is rite as….The lust is a sin. God will punish you. You all burn in Hell.

  9. 9. Mac Says:

    The photo of Palin in the bikini is so, so paintshopped. If you look carefully you will notice that it is a reverse copy of her head (shown in the picture published next to it) which has been pasted on the body of someone else………… Good grief, there are some idiots in the world…..

  10. 10. autumn Says:

    ew. flab. yuuuuck!

  11. 11. MeritorioPeo Says:

    wow, Mac!, you´re really sharp eyed and intelligent!!!

    Now seriously…, you´re really retarded, it´s obvious it´s fake, in fact the photos are together wilfully, I think.

  12. 12. Tallman Says:

    Mariana and O,

    Get a life… lust is not a sin… it is a part of the human condition.. I would be a little more concerned about so many other things in this world than lustful thoughts like Hmmmmm … invading a sovereign nation for oil, genocide, war, bombing abortion clinics, and, oh yea how about sex out of wedlock (her daughter).

    Get off the soap box.

  13. 13. The Bald Says:

    If you Americans have any thought about putting this woman, whom I’m sure is a very nice mum and person, in anywhere near The Whitehouse then there is absolutely no hope for you.
    You made the biggest mistake putting George Dubbya in for two terms!
    What is it with you lot? Such masochistic tendencies!

    Between her and McCain just shoot your way out. God help us all( not that I believe in God. if he’s on America’s side).

    Take good care

  14. 14. C Man Says:

    Hey there Bald, worry about your own countries problems. And please stay there.

  15. 15. mmodulhus Says:

    *lol* I guess most of these photos are photoshopped…right?

  16. 16. Romualdo Says:

    I think just the ones of bikini

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