Oct 20

Jenny Rivera Video de Sexo

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Jenny Rivera Hot Photos. Sexy pictures. Jenny Rivera Caliente

A lot have been talked about the controversial tape where the hot and mexican singer Jenny Rivera appears doing things that she prefered anyone never seen. The thing is that the video tape was distributed and she is now a lot of embarrassed. She is really sad and is worried about this may hurt her professional life and her family and so she is taking judicials actions against the situation. We hope no one suffer about this question, we really have good desires for Jenny, but we all understand that people is interested in discovering about video and is trying to view it. We wish all will be resolved peacefully and happiness.

Here we show you a couple of videos of the hot mexican singer.

Jenny Rivera for you.

We can not deny they are two beautiful videos of Jenny.

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Oct 09

As we can see, this video recording was made using an H5. We also could clearly note the inexperience of the recorder, who, somewhat awkwardly, trying a variety of planes useless that more than once are shocking. Apprec also the disruption of user, who trembles constantly. Of course, we can not ignore the beautiful stamp of the sensitive savannas of the singer. Bravo, Jenny, bravo by these savannas consistent with the curtains, and bravo by the god job you are doing to that bloke.

View another video

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Oct 04

Jenni Rivera, is the latest on a line to tread the well trodden path of hot celebrities to bite the dust of the leaked tape pathway to fame. A few days ago the news on the grapevine confirmed that there is a video floating about and it does feature the sexy girl 38 years old Mexican-American vocalist/songwriter, Jenni Rivera. People en Español, has intelligence to confirm, Jenny, got her act together with one of her musical group. Stupidly the girl and his boy recorded the act by means of a mobile phone camera and the video was mysteriously stolen back in June. numerous people in the Mexican music business have seen the video. Jenni has now established she did make the recording.

The hot photos of this girl are really good. She is so sexy.

Or maybe you prefer to view Jenny Rivera Tape Video

written by Zanahorio

Oct 04

Jenni Rivera hot video is here. This woman is so sexy. Jenny Rivera has a very beautiful mouth and eyes. Oh Jenny, we like you so! Oh Jenny Rivera, we adore you. Enjoy this hot video of this hot girl, folks, enjoy the so pretty Jenni Rivera.


Aqui les dejo un video caliente de Jenny Rivera. Esta mujer es bastante sexy, se conserva muy bien para su edad, hay que reconocerlo. Jenny Rivera tiene una boca muy bonita y atractiva, es ciertamente sugerente, por no hablar de la belleza que tiene en general y de su cara tan guapa, con esos ojazos. Ohh Jenny, como nos gustas. Disfruten el video, amigos. Disfruten a la bellisima Jenny Rivera.

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